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Outreach Programs
The Hockaday offers a variety of outreach programs to augment its educational programming.

The Traveling Medicine Show
Educational Trunks
Museum on the Move

The Traveling Medicine Show

A Collaborative Project by the Hockaday Museum of Art                                                                      

and Artists/Educators of the Blackfeet Indian Nation                


THANK YOU TO OUR  2018-2019 SPONSORS!     



The Traveling Medicine Show is an educational project that brings the ancient, traditional, and contemporary art, history, and culture of the Northern Plains Indians to life for K-12 students. It features art and artifacts chosen in a collaborative effort between the Hockaday Museum of Art and members of the Blackfeet Indian Nation. An essential goal of this program is to instill appreciation and understanding of the culture and history of the Plains Indians of Montana through art created by and about them.

The program brings artifacts, display materials, hands-on activities, and members of the Blackfeet Nation themselves directly to students. Participating classes explore the history, culture, and traditional practices of the Northern Plains Indians and discover how each has influenced the other across time and territory. Project name courtesy of Darnell Rides at the Door, Blackfeet Nation. 

Traveling Medicine Show
Blackfeet artist Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse talks to East
Glacier students during their Traveling Medicine Show visit.

School Visits
The Traveling Medicine Show outreach program is available to classes and schools in NW Montana. This program is designed to accommodate any grade from K-12th. Whenever possible, the presentation includes an art project taught by a Blackfeet artist.

A Museum representative accompanies The Traveling Medicine Show to all destinations, and we strive to have Blackfeet artists at all Traveling Medicine Show visits. Should road conditions or other factors beyond our control preempt our artists' presentation schedule, specially trained Hockaday Museum Staff will facilitate the Medicine Show. Minimum setup time for art and artifacts is 70 minutes; therefore, we ask that you please make one location in your school available for all presentations. A second location for art projects or activities may be necessary, depending upon room size and number of students participating in the program.

Presentation Focus
The Traveling Medicine Show offers choices in the focus of our presentations, adapted to grade levels: A General Overview of the exhibits; Home on the Plains -- Tipi-making, tools, cooking, family life; Games that teach life / social / survival skills and cultural values; Clothing in daily living and special events.

Presentation Format
Classroom group presentations for small groups, medium groups and large groups.

Time allotment, student totals, and room arrangements are tailored to the needs of your school.

The Traveling Medicine Show Outreach Program to our local schools is made possible by funding from these generous Foundations:
Applied Materials Foundation
The Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts
The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation
The Traveling Medicine Show Presentation Formats

Classroom Group Presentation with No Activity
(suitable for middle – high school groups)

  • Presentations occur in same location throughout day
  • 45-60 minute presentation
  • Maximum 5 presentations per day
  • Presentation choices:
    • Art & Culture overview – ancient, traditional, & contemporary
    • Contemporary art rooted in tradition
    • Cultural reality & misconceptions as seen through art
    • Painted Design – parfleche, lodges, shields, and more
    • Clothing & ornamentation

Small Group Presentation with Activities

(suitable for schools with less than 40 students)

  • Art & Culture presentation followed by several art projects & activities throughout day
  • Age appropriate art projects
  • Making and playing Native American games

2 Small Group Presentations with Activities

(maximum 30 students per group)

  • Presentations & activities occur in same location throughout day
  • Separate presentation for each group accompanied by art project & activity
  • 2-2 ½ hour per group
  • Age appropriate art project to fit class curriculum

3 Small Group Presentations with Activities

(maximum 30 students per group)

  • Presentations & activities occur in same location throughout day
  • Separate presentation for each group accompanied by  art project or activity
  • 1 ½  hour per group
  • Age appropriate art project or activity to fit class curriculum

Medium Group Presentation & 3 Small Group Activities
(60-90 total students)

  • 1 presentation followed by art project or activity for 4 groups per day (2 - 2 ½  hour presentation with 1 hour activity periods)
  • Age appropriate art project or activity to fit class curriculum

Medium Group Presentation & 4 Small Group Activities

(approximately 100 total students)

  • 1 presentation followed by art project or activity for 4 groups per day (1 hour presentation with 50 minute activity periods)
  • Age appropriate art project or activity to fit class curriculum
  • Art project may need additional teacher-supervised class time

Large Group Presentation & Small Group Activities

(over 100 students)
This option works for limited whole school involvement.  It generally requires a separate location for activities.

  • 1 – 1 ½ hour presentation for large group
  • 6-8 small group art projects or activities
  • Art project may need additional teacher-supervised class time
  • Optional 20 minute exhibit viewing times for small groups (This requires extra Hockaday staff member to be present)
The Traveling Medicine Show Request Form

Please click on the Request Form button to the right to download and print your Traveling Medicine Show request.

Mail the form back to the Hockaday with your contribution.  If you have any questions, contact Kathy Martin, Director of Education, at 406.755.5268.



Education Trunks
For your Art and Indian Education

Teachers from our Education Member schools may borrow these trunks free of charge.  The fee for non-member organizations is $25 plus any shipping charges.  Trunks are available for a maximum two week check-out period.  To reserve a trunk, please contact the Hockaday Museum Director of Education at 406.755.5268 or email at Creation of these trunks was made possible by funding from the Woodcock Foundation for Appreciation of the Arts and the Jerry Metcalf Foundation.

From Plains to Plateau
Artistic Traditions of Northwest Montana Tribes
A perfect introduction to the artistry and culture of Montana's Indian Tribes!  Items in this trunk include both one and two piece moccasins, jewelry, a Blackfeet doll, games, parfleche, CDs, photographs, art prints, posters, raw material samples, and trunk guide.

Art Trunks
Kathy Martin shows off one of the art trunks at the
Montana Environmental Education Association
Conference in Missoula.

Home on the Plains
Artistry of the Blackfeet and other Montana Tribes
The focus of this trunk is the culture and art associated with historical home life of the Plains Indian Tribes.  Blackfeet tipi prints, a model lodge, envelope parfleche, games, books, art prints, paintings, and raw material samples fill this trunk.  The accompanying trunk guide includes artist biographies, reference materials, and an assortment of art projects.

Art Trunks

Complementary Education
The Hockaday's two Indian Art trunks and the Traveling Medicine Show outreach program are designed to complement one another.  Each offers a different focus with minimal duplication of information, art objects, or classroom projects. 
Please contact the
Hockaday Museum Director of Education with any questions, to make arrangements to borrow trunks, or to schedule a Traveling Medicine Show visit.
Museum on the Move
Middle School Outreach Program

Museum on the Move delivers an authentic, student-centered art museum experience directly to Middle School classrooms. It was developed to address the art education needs and interest of 6th-8th graders, and to encourage deeper interest and appreciation for the professional art world.

Phase I invites students to explore the intersecting worlds of art museums and art professionals through meaningful activities that begin with the study of art elements and principals of design. Next, students examine original works from the Hockaday Museum permanent collection from the perspective of the museum curator.

Phase II introduces students to local artists who share their professions and their talent.  Students create their own original art and curate their own art exhibitions.

Museum on the Move
Whitefish Middle School Students get oil painting pointers
from artist Rob Akey during a Museum on the Move visit.
Phase I: Museum to School (grades 6-8)

Session 1
  • Introductory visit and PowerPoint presentation*
  • Role of the art museum
  • Curatorial process
  • Identifying art
  • Looking at art


Session 2

  • Guided lessons in the handling of art, elements of art, and principals of design
  • Student simulation of the art museum exhibition process
  • Roles of the art juror, museum curator, art collector
  • Hands-on work with selections from the Hockaday collection

*Classroom teacher may present Session 1 materials at no cost or further obligation for Session 2.

Phase II: Artist in the Classroom (grades 7-8) / Prerequisite: Phase I

Session 3
  • Student interaction with a local guest artist
  • Discussion: art as a profession
  • Demonstration: the artist at work


Session 4

  • Application: Students use their new knowledge and inspiration to create original art
  • Guidance provided by guest artist
Arranging a Visit
Phase I sessions are offered at no charge to schools with Hockaday Museum Education Memberships. There is a minimal charge for non-member schools.

Phase II sessions entail a minimal fee for visiting artists and materials. They typically occur as a second year follow-up to Phase I “Museum to School“ sessions. 
Please contact the
Hockaday Museum Director of Education for scheduling and current costs.

Standard staffing for Museum on the Move: Museum Representative/ Guest Artist /Classroom Teacher



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