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Linda Glover Gooch
A Timeless Legacy 2017 Artist


Linda Glover Gooch Mount Cannon
Mount Cannon
Linda Glover Gooch
24" x 32"

Linda Glover Gooch Glacier Cascade
Glacier Cascade
Linda Glover Gooch
12" x 9"

Linda Glover Gooch Spring Reigns
Spring Reigns
Linda Glover Gooch
16" x 26"

The works above appeared in the
2016 A Timeless Legacy
exhibit and sale.

Linda Glover Gooch
Linda Glover Gooch has been a Westerner her whole life, and grew up in the warmth of the Southwest. Spending time as a child playing in the orchard groves, washes and arroyos of Southern California is where Linda developed a love of the Landscape. Linda embraces the vast scenes that stretch across the West.

“Typically, I paint best when I know a place well,” she says. “Being able to share this with collectors and viewers is truly a blessing and a privilege. My intentions are to get the feeling of what I see, not an exact copy of it, but an impression of the big picture. I prefer to work from life whenever possible.” Studying and working on location throughout the west has been her pursuit for the last 30 years. Multiple trips and many hours on location bring new inspiration while working on site rejuvenates her, giving her the needed fuel to work in doors, bringing life into larger studio pieces.

Honored with numerous awards and recognitions, Linda’s paintings have been featured in museums and exhibitions including, A Timeless Legacy - Women Artist of Glacier National Park, Hockaday Museum, Montana, Other exhibitions include 11 years exhibiting in Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona., Prevailing Winds, the Booth Museum of Western Art, Cartersville Georgia, the Celebration of Art at the Grand Canyon in Arizona and In the Foot Steps of Thomas Moran Plein Air Invitational in Zion National Park, Utah. Her work is featured in the publication of Art of the National Parks, Historic Connections, Contemporary Interpretations, a showcase of America’s finest artists who paint within the country’s National Parks, and also Art of the West, Southwest Art, and Plein Air magazines.

Linda is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, and a Master Signature Member of American Women Artists. She is represented by Lee Youngman Galleries in Calistoga, California; The Illume Gallery of Fine Art in Utah; and Mary Williams Fine Art in Boulder Colorado.



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