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Denise Gilroy
A Timeless Legacy 2019 Artist



2019 Works


Fish Creek Meets Lake McDonald

Denise Gilroy


10" x 10"

USD $495.00


Glacial Remnants

Denise Gilroy


 12" x 12"

USD $695.00


 Denise Gilroy


Denise Gilroy was born and raised on the East Coast spending her summers in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. The mountains are where she developed her love for the rural lifestyle and the outdoors. As a young adult she left the area to explore the country and landed in California's picturesque Sierra Nevadas, where she made her home for almost 30 years before taking another leap to northern Idaho. The common theme throughout her travels was a desire to elad a creative life surrounded by beauty.

While Denise knows that painting on location is the ultimate for landscape paintings, she has discovered that it is not always possible during northern Idaho winters. Consequently, she has recently experimented with other subject matter and varied techniques, in the warmth of her studio. Painting wildlife, domestic animals and landscapes are a very good fit for an animal and nature lover. 



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