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Kathleen Hudson
A Timeless Legacy 2019 Artist



2019 Works


Red Rock Falls

Kathleen Hudson

Oil, 24" x 36"


*Artists' Choice Award Winner*


Layers of Memory, Siyeh Pass

Kathleen Hudson

Oil, 18" x 24"




Fishing at McDonald Creek

Kathleen Hudson

Oil, 12" x 9"




 Roadside Falls (Lunch Creek)

Kathleen Hudson

Oil, 9" x 12"






Kathleen Hudson


"The landscape has always been my chief source of artistic inspiration. I love to capture views of rugged terrain, shimmering waves, and dramatic atmospherics.
According to my family, I began painting as soon as I was old enough to hold a brush. I enjoyed an unconventional upbringing and travelled far and wide, exploring new places and—notably—dozens of art museums. I remember being filled with awe upon viewing sites like Yosemite, the Wye Valley in Wales, and Niagara Falls.
As an artist, I try to evoke that same childhood sense of wonder through my landscapes. They represent very specific places and moments in time: the brief point during a sunrise where sun illuminates the air with an ethereal golden glow; a break in a storm where light pierces though heavy clouds; glacial ice sending waterfalls down the side of a mountain wreathed in fog.
Scenes like this are real, but because they depict rare glimpses of particular beauty in the world around us, my paintings tread a fine line between the “real” and the otherworldly. A mountain may become more than a great mound of rock when we see sunlight break through dense clouds to highlight its slopes’ jagged contours. At points like this, the landscape around us forms a visual drama that awakens something within us. It fills us with awe and even longing.
 "This sense of awe, of longing, is what I hope to evoke in those who view my paintings."
Kathleen B. Hudson is a Kentuckian whose love of travel has led her to paint far and wide. She creates landscapes in oil, both in her studio and en plein air. Her style is shaped by her close observation of nature and her desire to explore light and atmospherics in the landscape.
Hudson moved from her native Kentucky to Boston in the fall of 2005 to begin an undergraduate degree at Harvard University. During her years in Boston, Hudson came to love the weathered New England landscape as she painted, studied mountain travel narratives, and led backpacking trips for fellow students. After graduating, she was selected to join Boston’s Copley Society of Art, the oldest non-profit art association in America.
In 2013, Hudson returned to her hometown of Lexington and began to take part in regional plein air painting festivals. She now undertakes several national juried competitions each year, and when she's not outside painting from life, you can find her in the studio creating larger scale landscapes that emphasize the dynamic interplay of light, shadow, and atmospherics.
In 2017, Hudson received the Grand Prize in the 6th Annual PleinAir Salon for her painting Bright Morning, Timberline Falls, which was featured on the July 2017 cover of PleinAir Magazine. The same month, Southwest Art named her an "Artist to Watch." In 2018, Hudson won the Grand Prize at Plein Air Texas and Artist’s Choice at Forgotten Coast en Plein Air.



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