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Erica Neumann
A Timeless Legacy 2018 Artist


Erica Neumann Scout
  Erica Neumann
40" x 30"

  Representative works

 Brent Laycock
Erica Neumann's wildlife art honors both the spirit of the animal, and spirited painting. Captured by her brush, startled bears, wolves, and cougars peer out from their painted wilderness.

The Ontario College of Art graduate is sharing her deep love for wildlife, and by carefully crafting their expressions, invites the viewer to feel a personal, more intimate connection to the animals as well. Years of outdoor painting in the Rocky Mountains are responsible for the vigour of her brush work.

The characteristic, heightened colour and modeling seen in some of her current paintings are a result of impressionist colour theory, modern technology and an unconventional interest in cave art.

Represented by galleries in Southern Alberta and one in B.C., Erica paints in her garage studio, on an historic street in Okotoks, Alberta. The town is just south of Calgary, where she instructs a few art classes. Erica is also writing a book about exploring Creative Vision. A colouring book based on her wildlife was published in 2016, called Spirit of the Wild.

“I believe art making is a human birthright – artistic ability is a misunderstood skill we all possess,” Erica says. "I'm intent on dispelling the myth that artistic vision is a special gift bestowed upon a select, lucky few. To do this involves returning to the very beginning, to the first artists in the caves, whose wildlife art is 30,000 years old and full of mystery. Their work fascinates me, and lately influences what and how I paint."



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