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Gini Ogle
A Timeless Legacy 2020 Artist



2020 Works



Looking Toward Heaven

Gini Ogle

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30"

USD $3,400.00




Beargrass and Little Chief

Gini Ogle

Oil on Panel, 24" x 18"

USD $2,198.00




Evening Light on Singleshot Mountain

Gini Ogle

Oil on Panel, 9" x 12"

USD $588.00




Fresh Greens

Gini Ogle

Oil on Panel, 12" x 9"

USD $588.00








Gini Ogle


Timeless Legacy gives me the opportunity to join generations of women painters of Glacier National Park. Glacier is my backyard and I take every opportunity to paint plein air, it is never enough. I learn from every venture. A bit of that wilderness remains with me as I leave and hopefully my paintings will resonate with my audience in the same way.

I strive for an impressionistic approach, and am inspired by Kathryn Stats and Rachel Warner, two of the original Timeless Legacy artists. As instructors and friends, they have taught me much, and their passion for the art and sincerity in their work are admirable. Sometimes the plein air work is a finished product and often it will be a study for a larger studio painting.

I want to leave something to the viewer’s imagination and lend an emotional power to the work. I put my whole life experience my work. When people ask “how long did it take you to paint this?” my answer is to tell them my age. My passion for and study of oil painting is a never ending challenge. As Vincent Van Gogh stated well, “I’m working. I’m striving. I’m in it with all my heart!”



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