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Doug Swinton
A Timeless Legacy 2018 Artist


Doug Swinton High Waterton Range
High Waterton Range
  Doug Swinton
24" x 30"
USD $2,800

     The above works appear in A Timeless Legacy: Peace Park 2018 and are available for purchase.

Doug Swinton is a Canadian artist based in Alberta.

"I never really intended to make art a career," he says, "it just keeps happening."

Whether he was an artist, or not, he says, Canada couldn't be a better place to live. But for him as an artist, the close proximity of the prairies, foothills and mountains of Alberta makes his home province "a never-ending dream."

"I’ve been lucky and have painted in many countries," he says, "but to me there is still nothing more beautiful than a cold beer and a hot Calgary summer sunset."

Drawing and painting have been important in Doug's life since childhood. He recalls his mom always in the kitchen, painting wicker baskets of bright fruit with Chianti wine bottles.

"A big part of me never really left kindergarten," he says. "I still live for the 'Hey Mom, look what I made!' I think exhibiting in galleries is just a bit of an extension of that." Visit the artist's website.


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