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Robert E. Wood
A Timeless Legacy 2018 Artist


Robert E. Wood Yamnuska Meadow
Yamnuska Meadow
  Robert E. Wood
30" x 48"

  Representative work

Robert E. Wood grew up surrounded by artists and art. He was born in North Vancouver, B.C. in 1971, and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. He has been painting full-time since 1989, and his career follows over 70 years of professional art in his family; his grandfather was Robert E. Wood (1919-1980) and his father was Karl E. Wood (1944-1990), with whom he spent eight months training. This was followed by study with several other notable artists, including Harold Lyon, and years of personal artistic exploration and development. Robert has been surrounded by art his entire life and took to it from his earliest years, when his grandfather called him “the little painter.”

Primarily known for his Canadian landscapes, Robert is adept at portraying a wide variety of subject matter including the mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers and forests of the Rocky Mountains, sunsets, old cabins and barns of the West, European street scenes, Mexico and other tropical settings, and a variety of still-life, floral and garden scenes. His paintings sing with colour and always depict scenes he is dramatically inspired by.

Robert enjoys working on location, plein-air painting, which helps his images achieve a sense of true light and life. He extensively travels and explores his favourite regions of Alberta and British Columbia - these include the Kananaskis, Waterton, and Banff National Park regions of the Rockies, as well as the South Okanagan Valley in B.C. As well as painting on site, Robert takes large numbers of photographs to use as reference material for his studio paintings. His visual library consists of some 60,000+ slides and photographs, which are always on hand to inspire future paintings.

"My paintings are about light, and capturing my impressions of the colour, drama, and beauty I see in the world around me – wherever I happen to be," he says. "My sources of inspiration, and my excitement to capture them on canvas, are limitless. I inherited my love of nature from the Wood family, and my devotion to oil painting from my father and grandfather. My life revolves around art and creativity, and I am propelled by a steadfast determination to pursue my passions and dreams."

Although he believes awards in the arts are ridiculous and a matter of subjective opinion, Robert is nevertheless honoured to have won first place in the only art competition he has ever entered: Arabella art magazine’s 2014 "Great Canadian Landscape Painting Competition."



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