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A Timeless Legacy Commemorative Book
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"A Timeless Legacy – Women Artists of Glacier National Park" honors all of the women who came, and continue to come, to paint in one of the most ruggedly beautiful and culturally rich locations in Montana. It is beyond the scope of the book to include every woman artist who has painted in Glacier National Park. However, the body of work shown, and the stories told of these kindred spirits provide recognition and respect for the accomplishments of all women who find inspiration in this beautiful landscape. While many male artists were rewarded with fame and financial success for their work in Glacier National Park, the women artists and their contributions are relatively unknown to the general public, even Glacier National Park aficionados. Through "A Timeless Legacy - Women Artists of Glacier National Park", we get to know these early, bold women and the efforts they took to paint the grandeur of this place. The book shines new light on paintings obscured by time, bringing long overdue acknowledgement to these women and their important role in expanding the artistic legacy of Glacier National Park. By presenting these early paintings together with the work of four contemporary women artists, the book provides evidence that the tradition of women artists in Glacier National Park has continuity and has retained its vitality for almost one hundred years. It is the saga of strong women coming to commune with and observe nature - then paint it from their hearts. Curators/Authors Tabby Ivy . Denny Kellogg . Elizabeth Moss

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