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Online Accessibility Policy for
(The Hockaday Museum of Art)

Font Size
Most pages contained within may be temporarily altered for display to offer a larger font by clicking on the font-upsize button in the upper right-hand corner of each page.  Depending on page content, the guest may or may not see a change in the size of the font presented on the page.  Enlarging the font stays active only on the current page and the guest must click on the font-upsize button on all subsequently-visited pages.

Each image will have a description with it, a description that appears when moused over or both.  All images are protected by copyright.

Online Forms
The Hockaday Museum of Art's website does not utilize online forms.  All available forms must be downloaded, printed and completed by hand.  Completion of an online purchase on must be performed off-site ( and the guest is required to use the functionality as given by  The Hockaday has no control or effect on the functionality of any website, including, but not limited to, outside of

Posted Forms and Documents
Wherever possible, published forms and documents will be made available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Word (DOC) file types.  All forms and documents (design, intellectual property, content) are wholly owned by the Hockaday Museum of Art and guests may not alter downloaded documents in any way for private or business use.  Electronically altered documents that are printed, completed and submitted to the Hockaday Museum of Art will be considered null and void.

Feedback and Suggestions
If you have feedback or would like to make suggestions for improvement, please send us an email.

Last updated: 1 October 2014




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