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Lines of All Kinds
Children's Art Exhibition

On Exhibit
February 25
March 26, 2016

Opening Reception
Thursday, February 25, 2016
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public

 Abbigail Kirkland Elk Creek
Elk Creek
Abbigail Kirkland
Hockaday Art Student, age 8, 2nd Grade
Watercolor, markers
10" x 14"

Alexa Grangroth The Colorful Bear
The Colorful Bear
Alexa Grangroth
Ruder Elementary, age 8, 2nd Grade
Colored pencil
9" x 12"

About the Exhibit
In art, a line is the path of a moving point. Lines can show length, width, and direction. They can be thick, thin, straight or curvy. They can define the edges of an object or can be used to create texture. Artists use line to convey movement and mood. Sometimes lines are only implied. For this exhibition, children in kindergarten through eighth grade have provided an endless number of ways to show how lines are used in the creation of art.

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Kindergarten through eighth grade students are eligible to participate in this exhibition. Artwork must have been created September 2015 - February 2016. Limit of one entry per person. Students or Teachers may submit art on behalf of their students. It is suggested that two-dimensional art be mounted on or matted with colored construction paper; it must be unframed, flat, and no larger than 12”x18”. Three-dimensional art will be accepted as exhibit space allows. Please give your work of art a title. Contact Kathy Martin, Director of Education, at 755-5268 or e-mail with any questions about art for this exhibition.

We ask teachers to make a pre-selection of entries they submit in order to help us create the best collection of art work possible.

All artwork must be accompanied by a completed entry form and delivered to the Museum located at 302 Second Avenue East, Kalispell, MT. Entries will be accepted beginning February 2 and no later than February 18, 2016. Museum Hours are 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday – Saturday.

Artwork must be picked up from the Museum between March 29th and April 29th. The Museum is not responsible for unclaimed artwork after April 29, 2016.



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