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Before It Was Montana
Various Artists

On Exhibit
January 26
February 27, 2016

About the Exhibit
The nomadic people of the Plains created art that was both functional and beautiful. Each item was an expression of how life was lived, cultural values, tribal beliefs, and artistic vision. Aesthetic taste changed and evolved as people arrived from other areas, but before it was Montana this part of the world had a rich artistic tradition. In 2006 the Hockaday Museum began amassing a collection of art created by members of the Blackfeet and other tribes in order to share the art and culture of the Plains Indians with schools and other groups. Significant pieces from the Hockaday Museum’s Traveling Medicine Show outreach program have been paired with paintings from the permanent collection to tell these stories.

The Traveling Medicine Show Outreach Program to our local schools is made possible by funding from these generous Foundations:
Applied Materials Foundation
The Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts
The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation 



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