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Chuck Fulcher
Montana Painter's Alliance Artist


Teton Colors
Teton Colors

Disclaimer: representative of the artist's work; not to
appear in Montana Painter's Alliance Exhibit.

Chuck Fulcher
Chuck Fulcher began drawing in middle school, having a remarkable ability to draft details and arrange perspective. He studied art professionally at Montana State University, Bozeman where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Fulcher next worked as a Graphic Design professional in California and Montana. He is a quintessential scholar of the arts, having also developed a love and skill as a professional musician. Fulcher enjoys every opportunity to express himself openly and creatively, through music and art.

Charles Fulcher enjoys the challenges of painting landscapes, floral and still-life. His paintings have been described as edgy, fresh and full of energy. Most often he paints in the classic Plein Air style. Working outdoors allows him to capture the ever changing light and shadows. Yet, he also enjoys the solitude and concentrated efforts of studio painting for the larger pieces. Paintings all begin with a black canvas, blocking the negative area of the composition first.

This technique allows Fulcher to focus on the details of light within the painting. Next, an absence of color creates line and form. The imagery emerges from the canvas; the composition takes shape. It is during this process that his unique style is defined. Charles believes that colors should be bright and dramatic, exposing bold hues and dramatic contrast, which allow his paintings to come to life.

Fulcher was inspired by many different artists throughout time, from early painters like Impressionists Van Gogh for his use of bold colors, and the Canadian Group of Seven for their unique landscape compositions. Then to contemporaries like Neil Paterson, of Canada, for his appreciation of the beauty of one-hundred percent color. Mostly, he was inspired to paint in this style of bold color and composition because it was the way he felt most comfortable. Fulcher’s contemporaries in painting do not readily understand his way. But Charles followed his own compass as a painter, blazing his own path, creating his own artistic style, unencumbered by boundaries.

Supporting the arts community is always a goal for Fulcher. He has been a member of the Ad Club of the Great Falls Advertising Federation for the past 15 years. The Club hosts the annual C.M. Russell Art Auction. This affiliation and experience has given him the opportunity to meet and learn from the many “Russell” artists through out the years.

Charles Fulcher’s paintings are held in important private and public collections nationwide.

Selected Awards:2006 spring Ralph “Tuffy” Berg Award, C.M. Russell Auction, Award or “best aspiring new artist”



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