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Diana Mysse
Montana Painter's Alliance Artist


Diana Mysse
Mountain Runoff
Diana Mysse
10" x 12"

Diana Mysse
Diana Mysse
14" x 11"

These works are scheduled to appear in the
2016 Montana Painter's Alliance exhibit and sale.

Diana Mysse
Diana Mysse has always felt a deep connection with the landscape and its endless views and unfolding possibilities. She can frequently be found painting outdoors in her native Montana and neighboring Wyoming where she captures the essence of a place with energy and simplicity. Mysse enjoys traveling, painting and studying art in the U.S. and abroad, always searching for new knowledge and inspiration. She states, “I am driven intrinsically to create, but it is my hope that others will connect with my work and be reminded of a place that rejuvenates them.” Mysse’s studio is located in her hometown of Billings, Montana.

Montana Painters Alliance
Montana Watercolor Society, Signature Member
Stillwater Society
Oil Painters of America

Art Without Boundaries, Skip Whitcombe, 2013
Howard Friedland, 2012
Pie in the Sky Workshop, Ralph Oberg, 2008
Scottsdale Art School, 1991, 2001, 2005
Jackson Hole Art Academy, 2000
National Board Certification - Art Teacher
Montana State University - Billings, M.ED.
Montana State University- Billings, B.A., Concentration Painting



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