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Deb Schmit
Montana Painter's Alliance Artist


Deb Schmit
September Wind
Deb Schmit
16" x 12"

Deb Schmit
Deb Schmit
16" x 20"

These works are scheduled to appear in the
2016 Montana Painter's Alliance exhibit and sale.

Deb Schmit
Deb Schmit started oil painting at the tender age of five and began exhibiting her work at age twelve. Her first paintings sold around this time and from then on her passion grew. Her first impressions came from studying the illustrations and paintings by C.M. Russell and Frederic Remington, as she created cards and letters to friends and family members, depicting horses with Cowboy and Indian characters riding across the pages.

She worked part time as a fine artist throughout her life and gained several commissions along the way. As a young adult, she supported her artistic vision through a wide variety of unusual jobs including: graphic artist and computer technician, banking clerk at a Japanese bank, and more recently as a working cowgirl in Montana. After her daughter left for college, Deb turned her full attention to fine art.

Deb’s painting style has mostly been influenced by artists and illustrators working around the turn of the nineteenth century. Her life in Montana has also inspired her to create paintings of rural farm and ranch life; depicting the people, livestock and wildlife that live there. Currently she is studying the work of French painters, L.A. Lhermitte, Rosa Bonheur and Jean Francois Millet and their role in 19th century farm paintings.

Deb and her family own a cattle ranch near Cascade, MT. Her studio and the ranch are located on the old Jones Homestead in Chesnet Valley, built around 1897. The ranch, one of the grandest of its time, is a constant source of inspiration and subject matter, with astonishing views of the Big Belt Mountains, Square Butte and the Rocky Mountain Front.

Deb Schmit is an award-winning artist. She has been juried into many regional and national shows including; OPAs Salon Exhibition and The Russell Art Auction. Her work includes portrait, figurative and landscape painting in both oil and watercolor. She is a member of the Montana Painter’s Alliance and Oil Painter’s of America.



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