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Ten Days
Kenneth Yarus and Richie Carter

Select works in this exhibition are offered for sale with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Hockaday’s community learning programs and Museum exhibitions.  Please contact the Museum at (406) 755-5268 for purchase information.

On Exhibit
January 26
February 18, 2017

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 26, 2017
5:00 - 7:00 PM

Members/Free, Non-members/$10

In-House Studio at the Hockaday
January 27 February 18, 2017
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Included with Museum admission
Watch Kenneth and Richie create new paintings every day during their Ten Days exhibition while they turn one of the Hockaday’s upstairs galleries into their studio-away-from-home.

Kenneth Yarus Adrift
Kenneth Yarus
Oil, 12" x 19"

Richie Carter Caught Between Two Worlds
Caught Between Two Worlds
Richie Carter
Oil, 18" x 18"

Kenneth Yarus Departure

Kenneth Yarus
Oil, 22" x 28"

Richie Carter You Get to Be Here
You Get to Be Here
Richie Carter
Oil, 24" x 36"

About the Exhibit
Showcasing a series of onsite oil paintings completed during a ten day artist residency in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex in August 2016, Kenneth and Richie display a number of these small works along with several larger studio works inspired by their time in the Wilderness. A short documentary film shows how their time was spent at Granite Cabin in the Great Bear Wilderness.

About the Artists

Richie Carter was born and raised just outside of Kalispell, Montana, where he instinctively took to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In 2012, he obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting from The University of Montana. During his undergraduate career, he studied first in San Diego, California before coming to Missoula, and later spent his junior year in Amiens, France. After graduating in 2012, he moved back to Kalispell and has been lucky enough to pursue his art full time.

Richie is primarily an oil painter and is interested in capturing the reality of the Montana landscape as he sees it through his eyes. The ‘alla prima’ method lends itself best to his artistic view. It is a way of working painting ‘all in one go’ as the subject sits directly in front of you changing as the sun moves across the sky. Working from life when he can is very important. There is a certain understanding of the landscape that is obtained which one does not find as evident when working strictly from a photo. The time spent on the Artist Wilderness Connection was precisely what he needed as an artist. Richie felt gifted with undistracted time to focus only on onsite ‘alla prima’ work.

“I was free from the many day-to-day things life demands of you. I had room to breath and reflect upon who I am as an artist and why I pursue the things I pursue.”

Kenneth Yarus was brought up in Kalispell Montana, where he first dreamed of being a painter. He found mentors in the local art world, Steve and Nancy Cawdrey encouraged his growth as well as Greg Call, Susan Guthrie and Rusti Warner. He pursued his passion through High School and earned several awards including a Gold Key from the Scholastic Art Awards, 2nd place in the Montana "Paint the State" anti meth contest, and The John and Anne Taylor Scholarship. With this scholarship Ken was able to continue his studies at the Ashland Academy of Art. He learned the fundamentals of drawing under Russian Master Semyon Bilmes. The school moved to Maui and Ken moved to New York City's Grand Central Academy. He studied under modern masters Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, Josh LaRock, and Scott Waddell. Ken then returned to the West Coast to continue his learning by taking workshops and painting "plein air" in the land he loves.

"My personal love for nature and people inspire my art. I strive to communicate an emotional value about my subjects by exploring the nuances of colors and textures that make them unique. Balancing the realistic representation and the deeper emotional value is a constant struggle that will always motivate my work."

Sponsored by
Kalispell Brewing Company



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