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Francesca Droll
A Timeless Legacy 2020 Artist



2020 Works



 Whistling Grasses

Francesca Droll

Pastel, 14.5" x 30"

 USD $2,800.00



Into the Cirque

Francesca Droll

Pastel, 20" x 15"

 USD $1,700.00



Autumn's Last Call

Francesca Droll

Pastel, 12" x 12"

 USD $850.00




Sleeping Beauties

Francesca Droll

Pastel, 12" x 9"

 USD $550.00






Francesca Droll


Living here in the Bigfork, Montana, has been an endless source of inspiration for my creative endeavors. I’m drawn to the outdoors and painting the outdoors. Spending time in the wilderness brings me a sense of peace as well as a connection to something deeper in my soul. It’s an emotional connection that can’t be easily described, it must be felt. 

I’m fortunate to be able to combine my two passions of enjoying outdoor adventures and painting en plein air the natural beauty that surrounds me. My chosen medium of pastel allows me to quickly capture a scene, record color notes, and map the fleeting light to inform my studio painting. 


Pastel painting inspires me to use the vibrant colors of the pigments, in bold, expressive strokes and subtle nuances, to convey motion and intensity in the composition. I often exaggerate the effects of light to convey the emotional quality that I feel and that will hopefully connect with heart of the viewer.


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