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The Artist-Wilderness-Connection
Artist-In-Residence Program
Applications for the Artist-Wilderness-Connection have been postponed until 2022. Applicants for 2020 have been moved into the 2021 season.


We are accepting no applications for the 2021 Artist Wilderness Program this year. Because of the closures due to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 there were no residencies in the wilderness last summer. Artists selected for the residency program last year, poet Mike Garrigan and painter James Weikert, will get the opportunity to spend time in the wilderness this summer.



About the Artist-Wilderness-Connection

The Artist-Wilderness-Connection program connects artists with the Flathead National Forest, Hockaday Museum of Art and area communities. The program consists of the Artist Residency, Forest Experience and the Community Extension. The artists benefit from having a remote setting to focus on their art and the community benefits from the presentations the artsists offer from their experiences. In 2003, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Flathead National Forest, Hockaday Museum of Art, and Swan Valley Connections joined forces to create the AWC program. Since 2004, 44 artists have participated in the program.